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Working together towards a zero-Waste Future

If every Maine dispensary, extraction lab, processing facility, or other cannabis business does their part to be aware of the environmental impact of their business, Maine’s cannabis industry will be one step closer to becoming a zero-waste industry. CannaWaste Recycling will bring awareness to your Maine cannabis brand through our environmentally sustainable cannabis waste solutions. We are not just a waste hauling business, we are a waste management company that specializes in marijuana waste, hemp waste, and sustainable disposal practices.  CannaWaste Recycling is here for you with cannabis recycling resources, innovating new products with cutting edge research to alternative markets, and providing guidance toward reducing your carbon footprint.  We will stay on top of industry regulations and keep your cannabis waste solutions compliant so you can focus on your business while doing the right thing for the environment.

Marijuana Waste Management procedures

It can be difficult to keep up on changes in industry compliance standards in the hemp disposal and cannabis industry as we all know. CannaWaste Recycling can provide you with a custom cannabis waste management plan for your business, keep your business compliant, assist in training for employees to identify and properly handle your cannabis waste, and manage your cannabis waste procedures.

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Compliant Cannabis Waste Removal

From cultivation, to manufacturing and packaging, to any other cannabis production processes that occur from cradle to grave, anything that is not utilized is considered marijuana waste. This can include: leftover trimmings, damaged or expired products, failed batches, and the unusable parts of harvested plants. This cannabis waste must be properly classified and disposed of according to state regulations, and finding ways to do so in an environmentally sustainable way should be a goal for the industry. The larger the industry grows, the larger the problem of cannabis disposal grows. CannaWaste Recycling is working to develop sustainable solutions by reusing and recycling cannabis and hemp waste while reducing the cannabis industry’s waste impact.

Creating Custom Waste Management Plans

Our cannabis waste management plan provides you with marijuana waste removal solutions that are tailored to your business practices at your facility. We will create an onsite waste processing plan that does not interrupt the workflow of your business. These plans will cover how to store, transfer, and dispose of your cannabis or hemp waste, and how we will keep your business compliant, while helping you reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

CannaWaste Recycling Process

Compliant data and reporting, and sustainable hemp disposal and marijuana waste collection are just some of the pieces of our industry-leading processes that CannaWaste Recycling employs to keep your business compliant.

About CannaWaste Recycling

Here at CannaWaste Recycling, we are dedicated to building a compliant, sustainable hemp and cannabis industry. We are passionate about encouraging all those in the cannabis industry to focus on responsible waste management.

Track and Trace

Providing a clear chain of custody of your cannabis waste from your facility to a licensed disposal site provides a model of best practices.  Responsibly handling your marijuana and hemp waste is very important to strengthening your brand.  As part of our procedures, we will record date, time, weight, and description of materials collected at every pick up, to assist your business in compliance documentation.

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