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CannaWaste Recycling is there for every step in the process of maintaining compliant cannabis waste management

Following compliant marijuana and hemp disposal policies is an important step in keeping your Maine marijuana business compliant and running smoothly. CannaWaste Recycling can handle every aspect of your mmj-waste management, so you can focus on the rest of your business. Compliance is not an unnecessary expense in the Maine medical-use or adult-use marijuana industries.  Don’t risk improper disposal when just one mistake can result in fines and possible license revocation.  You avoid unnecessary risks with our waste management company by your side.

While cannabis waste and eco cannabis-friendly mmj-waste solutions are not something everyone is aware of, we have a goal to educate our cannabis industry on the importance of reducing the waste footprint of a quickly growing industry.

Our Mobile Cannabis Process Unit

We will bring our proprietary mobile unit to your site for the compliant on-site rendering of regulated cannabis waste materials.  After rendering the material with our innovative processing unit, CannaWaste Recycling will compost or reuse the materials by repurposing them into alternative products. Our process is centered around our eco cannabis mission to systematically progress the Maine cannabis businesses to an eventual zero waste environment. We process most forms of marijuana and hemp waste for a wide range of cannabis businesses.

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Our Process

Hemp Disposal and Marijuana Waste Collection

Our team brings our Mobile Unit to your doorstep, helping you dispose of your cannabis waste quickly, discreetly and compliantly.

Cannabis Waste Rendering

CannaWaste Recycling has developed an organic proprietary alternative method to render marijuana waste without doubling the waste when mixing 50/50 of other materials.

Waste Management Company Data & Reporting

We capture inventory and weight data for every batch of waste we process to create track and trace disposal reports and produce cross-marketing reports for use with your customers.

Environmental Sustainability

We are focused on finding positive, alternative uses diverting all organic cannabis waste material from the landfills.

Who Can Benefit From Our Cannabis Waste Management Services?

Extraction Labs, Processing Facilities, Testing Labs, Edible Kitchens, Dispensaries…the list goes on, large batches or small.  Everyone within the cannabis industry is creating hemp or marijuana waste material.  Everyone within the cannabis industry should be doing their part to properly handle cannabis waste disposal, both for the environmental impact, and to remain in compliance.  Allow CannaWaste Recycling to handle your cannabis waste management, so you can get back to running a business.  We currently proudly serve the cannabis industry in Southern and Central Maine, with new routes being added regularly. CannaWaste Recycling encourages all cannabis businesses to utilize compliant and sustainable hemp and cannabis waste solutions in your area.

Sustainability Goals For The Future

The majority of the businesses within the cannabis industry are not currently rendering their cannabis waste responsibly or correctly.  A vast amount of hemp and marijuana waste material ends up in dumpsters destined for landfills.  We are working hard to change that fact. CannaWaste Recycling provides options for cannabis businesses that seek environmental sustainability with innovative cannabis waste solutions.  We lead the way by discovering new ways to reduce the waste volumes, promoting the benefits of composting, and reusing many materials to create alternative products. 

About Us

Learn about our waste management company, how we came to be, and who our founders are. Discover our passion for the eco-cannabis movement, environmental sustainability, and discovering innovative ways to manage hemp and marijuana waste with CannaWaste Recycling.


From compliance with regulations, custom hemp and marijuana disposal plans, and our track and trace system, CannaWaste Recycling employs innovative and compliant solutions for your waste management needs. Learn more about compliant cannabis waste management.

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