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We are here helping Maine cannabis businesses and caregivers with compliant waste removal services for their hemp and cannabis waste. 

Ready to help with your cannawaste

Look to CannaWaste Recycling, located in Westbrook, Maine for all your cannabis and hemp disposal solutions.  We are a waste management company who specializes in providing compliant cannabis and hemp waste removal and recycling for a variety of cannabis and hemp businesses, including Maine dispensaries, caregivers, edibles manufacturers, labs, cultivators, even delivery services. Responsible and compliant cannabis waste management, cannabis recycling is made simple and convenient with our customized marijuana waste handling solutions. As the industry grows all forms of cannabis waste grow with it.  It is our responsibility to continually develop compliant and efficient hemp and marijuana waste practices to form an eco-cannabis movement and to grow cannabis recycling trends.

CannaWaste Recycling Process

Learn more about our process and how we manage your cannabis waste focused on compliant and sustainable practices. From our waste collection and rendering to our data & reporting to stay compliant.

About CannaWaste Recycling

Read about our founders. Learn why we are so passionate about innovating new options for environmental sustainability, and in doing our part to help steer the cannabis industry towards a zero waste industry.

CannaWaste Recycling Resources

Find more information about cannabis waste solutions and how to stay compliant within the industry. Learn about our compliant waste management procedures, custom waste disposal plans, and track and trace disposal services.

Why We Stand Out: Cannawaste Recycling’s Services & Industry Focus

we can come to you

Our waste management company will bring our processing truck directly to your cannabis or hemp related facility ensuring your day to day operations are not interrupted. With our hemp and marijuana waste recycling services, we help you dispose of your cannabis waste pursuant to local and state waste disposal regulations, on the spot, efficiently, safely, while meeting all compliance standards.

Our Mobile Cannabis Unit

CannaWaste Recycling is developing a proprietary organic method to render hemp and cannabis waste unusable without doubling its volume as a way to provide sustainable disposal practices in the cannabis industry.

Eco Cannabis Waste

Every industry has waste from normal operations, such as processing, and production. The marijuana and hemp industry is no different. Cannabis waste is the plant matter and leftover materials from any cannabis processing, any unsalable product of any kind, or, the many forms of child-resistant packaging.  Not all marijuana waste is hazardous, but instead can be recycled into compost and repurposed into alternative products through innovation. Our company specializes in cannabis waste solutions that provide compliant cannabis waste management to help you make the right choices for your branded cannabis business.

CannaWaste Recycling helps to create awareness to your Maine cannabis brand by ensuring your customers know you are making a responsible decision in your hemp disposal and marijuana waste needs.

CannaWaste Recycling is your marijuana and hemp partner in environmental sustainability helping Maine businesses make the marijuana industry green. We developed a cross marketing campaign for CannaWaste Recycling clients to help promote their making a responsible, respectful environmental impact by doing what everybody knows is the right thing to do. Encouraging their customers to choose their business for their marijuana and hemp needs due to their choice to utilize CannaWaste Recycling services.

*Proudly serving southern and central Maine*

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