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CannaWaste Recycling is here to help you assess your facilities waste management needs. Using innovative processing methods to help promote local and partnered businesses with our Reduce, Reuse or Recycle program, CannaWaste Recycling provides quality control over your cannabis and hemp waste.

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Environmental sustainability, Quality control and compliance are all crucial pieces of owning and operating a hemp or cannabis business. CannaWaste Recycling will ensure your business stands apart from the rest by keeping you properly educated in the reduction of your carbon footprint in the cannabis and hemp industry. As an industry, we can all work together to transform the cannabis waste stream into a green stream and achieve our goal of creating an eco friendly cannabis business.

Our Hemp and Cannabis Waste Disposal Team Can Help With Your Facilities Waste Management Problems!

Cannabis Waste Collection and Disposal — We collect and dispose of all non-hazardous marijuana and hemp waste on-site.

Waste Processing Solutions — We strive to discover long-term solutions to minimize the amount of cannabis and hemp waste generated on a daily basis. In the cannabis business, we have a goal to give choices for reducing, reusing, and recycling.

We dispose of your cannabis waste at approved recycling facilities in the state of Maine through Connected Waste Management Company.

Cannabis Waste Management – We provide on-site services and waste disposal reports according to Maine legislation.

Customized marijuana and hemp waste disposal plans – For cannabis companies of all sizes and non-hazardous waste kinds, we provide unique disposal programs.

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Our Valuable Partners

Moving forward towards the future of sustainability and environmental health is truly a team effort. Our partners contribute a lot to the movement. Click on the links below to discover more about our partners.

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Our trash management and carbon capture services are at the cutting edge of current technology to provide you with the finest in waste management and carbon capture.