Connect your business to sustainability, compliance, and knowledgeable hemp disposal and marijuana waste services with CannaWaste Recycling.

Our services are offered in central and southern maine

Contact CannaWaste Recycling to ensure your marijuana and hemp business is able to stay compliant with your cannabis and hemp disposal needs. Together we can all do our part to turn the cannabis waste stream into a green stream to meet our vision of an eco cannabis industry.

Our marijuana waste disposal team has your cannabis waste handling solutions!

  • Cannabis Waste Management — We provide on-site rendering services in compliance with the State of Maine regulations and provide waste disposal reports. 
  • Customized marijuana and hemp disposal plans — We offer custom disposal plans for cannabis businesses of all sizes and non-hazardous waste types. 
  • Cannabis Waste Pick-up and Removal — We provide both on-site pick-up and disposal services for all non-hazardous marijuana and hemp waste. 
  • Connected Waste Management Company — We dispose of your cannabis waste at licensed recycling facilities in the State of Maine. 
  • Waste Processing Solutions — We work hard to find sustainable solutions to reduce the volume of cannabis and hemp waste created every day. We have a mission to provide options to reduce, reuse or recycle in the cannabis industry.

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