CannaWaste Recycling for your cannabis waste and hemp disposal needs in Westbrook, Maine

How CannaWaste Recycling Began in Westbrook, Maine

We are revolutionizing an organic method to fully render cannabis waste unusable to service our goal of reducing the marijuana waste materials created within the cannabis industry. Compliance and environmental sustainability are two equally important pieces of operating a cannabis or hemp business within Maine’s medical marijuana industry. 

While cannabis waste and eco cannabis-friendly mmj-waste solutions are not something everyone is aware of, we have a goal to educate our cannabis industry on the importance of reducing the waste footprint of a quickly growing industry.

 MADE IN MAINE is a powerful branding tool. CannaWaste Recycling has developed Made in Maine innovation to help the Maine marijuana industry achieve sustainability.

The Goal At CannaWaste Recycling in Westbrook, Maine

CannaWaste Recycling offers compliant, efficient, and professional cannabis waste solutions for Maine dispensaries, caregiver storefront, and cannabis facilities and businesses in Southern and Central Maine. We have a focus on providing environmentally sustainable options to the cannabis waste management industry. We aim to bring awareness to your Maine Cannabis brand through our cannabis waste management services that can be fully customized for your unique hemp and cannabis business in Southern or Central Maine.

Meet our founder and director of business development, Kevin Bernard

Kevin Bernard, a lifelong Mainer, who  has spent much of his career in the real estate industry as a broker specializing in Investment properties, property management, and redevelopment of blighted buildings with investors.  

In his work as a broker, Kevin began working with cannabis business owners to find lease space for their operations.  While discussing operational needs with clients, he discovered no one was talking about marijuana waste management beyond… “I hate seeing it go into the dumpster destined for a landfill… but what other options are available?” 

This fact lead to a growing passion in Kevin to create a key ancillary business missing from the Maine cannabis industry.  Through extensive market research, Kevin built the CannaWaste Recycling business model around regulatory compliance and environmental sustainability.  

Over a year later, my commitment to overcome obstacles and Rich’s persistence in proof of concept, our tireless work has launched a professional waste management company that is leading the way, finding cannabis waste solutions in Maine.  

We are helping my clients find alternative ways of REDUCING the volumes of waste, REUSING the material collected to manufacture exciting new products, or RECYCLING tons of organic waste, one barrel at a time.

Decompression for me is hiking the trails of mountains, rolling around with my dog Buddy, landscape and animal photography to share with friends and family.

Meet Rich Kelley, director of operations

I am a self employed Master electrician, with over 30 years experience in designing electrical layouts for new construction and remodeling jobs in commercial and residential settings.

I have broad experience in installing, troubleshooting, repair, and alteration of electrical machinery, control systems and basic automation.  I often consult on design and configuration of industrial machines, automation, and process control for electrical clients.  I troubleshoot and repair electro-pneumatic and electro-mechanical systems in manufacturing, municipal, and private settings.  I have built computer networks in office, industrial, and manufacturing environments.

I’ve known Kevin for over 30 years while living in Maine and I know his mind never stops.  I came onboard CannaWaste Recycling when Kevin approached me with an idea for a niche business specializing in marijuana waste management.  The more he explained in detail, the more convinced I was that he had something worth pursuing.

As director of operations, I will continue to work at innovating new procedures, demonstrating proof of concept for new, alternative products to meet the unique needs of our growing business.

Outside of work I enjoy fixing and restoring mechanical and electrical oddities and tinkering with obscure and obsolete technologies.

CannaWaste Recycling Process

CannaWaste Recycling is focused on the management of hemp and cannabis waste under compliant and sustainable processes. See more on our company’s innovative processes, our waste collection, and our data reporting.

CannaWaste Recycling Resources

We aim to keep our clients informed and involved in staying at the forefront of the compliant eco cannabis movement. Explore how with our innovative waste management procedures, disposal plans, and tracking services.

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If you have an idea for a new product using hemp or cannabis waste, reach out to us, we are always looking for strategic partnerships in remanufacturing the many waste streams in the cannabis and hemp industry.

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