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Cannabis and Hemp Waste Processing and Disposal Solutions

Cannawaste Recycling offers unique specialized services to the Maine marijuana and hemp communities; including cultivators, caregivers, hemp farmers, hemp processors, edible manufacturers, retail stores, extraction labs, testing labs and more.  

Many forms of product from the life cycle a harvest has a different method of rendering for compliance, and we have developed an environmentally conscious process for each wastestream, creating a greenstream, because waste is not waste until you waste it!


Our Mission

The team at Cannawaste Recycling seeks to divert all the waste streams in the cannabis and hemp industry from landfills.

Cannawaste Services

Our services are on the cutting edge of current technologies to provide you with the best in waste management and carbon capture services.

Education & More

We understand the importance of education on important topics such as environmental protection and sustainability.

Our Esteemed Partners

We are aligned with some valuable and powerful names in the environmental protection and carbon reduction cultures.

The Importance Of Sustainability

We know every industry has waste from everyday operations and the cannabis industry is no different!  Cannawaste is taking leftover plant matter, processing materials or unusable product of any kind which in turn can be recycled into compost or repurposed into alternative products through new innovative methods. For Maine businesses in the cannabis industry, Cannawaste Recycling provides compliant, efficient, and professional cannabis and hemp waste solutions. The cannabis waste management business needs ecologically friendly alternatives, and we aim to make these solutions available to everyone in the industry. Our cannabis waste management services can be entirely personalized for your specific hemp and cannabis business anywhere in Central and Southern Maine.

Our Conservational Services

Cannawaste Recycling offers a variety of services to ensure that your cannabis business is in agreement with state regulations. Providing you with affordable ways to reduce your overall carbon footprint and aid in environmental conservation, we offer a unique service in that we take your waste from your cannabis location, burn/reduce it and create biochar from it. Not only does our method of pyrolysis manufacturing the char create a carbon sink process potentially reducing your carbon footprint, but the biochar can also be upcycled and reused in a variety of ways that can help society achieve environmental sustainability in the choices they make in consumer behavior.

We also provide track and trace documentation to close out a clients harvest on our collection routes using our bill of lading system establishing a cycle of life destruction date in your supply chain.  

We are aiding the marijuana and hemp stakeholders and farmers in finding an environmentally sustainable future for the Maine marijuana community, and the cannabis and hemp industries as a whole.

Education; A Vital Part Of Environmental Longevity

A good deal of our processes that we use at Cannawaste Renewables are on the cutting edge of a new era of environmental protection and carbon footprint reduction. At first, it can be overwhelming. Especially given the pressure that comes with keeping within regulatory standards. Cannawaste Renewables seeks to make subjects such as biochar, soil amendments, and carbon capture easy to understand. There is great potential in the cannabis industry to reduce waste and help pave the way to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Our Valued Partners

Cannawaste Recycling is aligning itself with some of the leaders in innovation in the cannabis and hemp renewables industries. We are building supply chains to develop new products as part of a closed loop circular economy from our unique value added services.

Contact Cannawaste Recycling

Do you have any questions about Cannawaste Recycling? We are here and ready to answer any inquiries you may have in a prompt manner. We pride ourselves on our informed staff and our dedication to bringing you only the best in waste management services. We want to help your businesses be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. Get in touch with us today!